LGBT Guilds
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This guide is a listing of known LGBT guilds within World of Warcraft as well as other games, and links to LGBT resources related to gaming.

World of Warcraft

Horde Guilds

The Spreading Taint ( )
If you're here, you know about the Taint. We're on WoW's Proudmoore server, Hordeside. Guild tags include <Taint>, <Taint Invaders>, <Raiders of da Lost Taint>, <Taint of Madness>, <Heralds of Taint> and <War Taint>

Exquisite Pain ( )
A Horde guild on Proudmoore.

Defenders of Apathy ( )
A Horde guild on Proudmoore.

Sparkle Magic ( )
A Horde raiding guild on Proudmoore.

Flames of Failure ( )
A Horde raiding guild

Labryssinia ( )
A Horde social guild on Proudmoore.

Prismatic Society ( )
A Horde raiding guild on Proudmoore

Maelstrom (unknown)
A Horde raiding guild on Proudmoore

Spectrum Rage ( )
A Horde guild on Garona

Nocturne ( )
A Horde guild on Malorne (PvP)

Wicked ( )
A Horde guild on Eredar (PVP)

Ursus ( )
A Horde guild on Aggramar

OurLadyofPerpetualMotion (unknown)
A Horde guild on Korialstrasz

The Bears (Unconfirmed)
A Horde guild on Aggramar

Cherry Chapstick (Unconfirmed)
A Horde guild on Rivendare

Rough Trade (Unconfirmed)
A Horde guild on Shu'Halo

Faery Radikals (Unconfirmed)
A Horde guild on Suramar

Defenders of Stonewall (Unconfirmed)
A Horde guild on Azjol-Nerub

Mutiny (unknown)
A Horde guild on Azuremyst

Alliance Guilds

La Familia de Stonewall / The Stonewall Family ( )
LFDS is an Alliance side guild on Proudmoore. If you MUST play Alliance, we recommend checking out LFDS. Good peeps.

Mattachine Knights ( )
An Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

Children of Stonewall (unknown)
An Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

Stonewall Champions ( )
An Alliance guild on Proudmoore.

Rainbow Bunnies
An Alliance Guild on Moon Guard (US)

Spectrum Blade ( )
An Alliance guild on Garona

Noesis ( )
An Alliance guild on Detheroc Server - Affiliated with

Chromatic Warriors ( http://
An Alliance guild on Blackwing Lair (PVP)

Flames of War ( )
An Alliance guild on Blackwing Lair (PVP)

Kaos Haven (Unconfirmed)
An Alliance guild on Garona.

Radikal Faeries (Unconfirmed)
An Alliance guild on Suramar

Rainbow Protectors (Unconfirmed)
An Alliance guild on Thunderhorn

Friends of Dorothy
An Alliance guild on Shu'Halo

Inner Circle (GLBT Friendly, many former Oz officers)
An alliance Alliance on Shadow Moon (PVP)

Oz (Unconfirmed)
An Alliance guild on Shadow Moon - Has disbanded and reformed several times

Stonewall Riot (Website Unknown)
An Alliance guild on Emerald Dream (US)

Other Games

Rough Trade / The Agenda ( )
City of Heroes/Villians group. Alternate web address via

City of Gaymers ( )
A City of Heroes/Villians team on Victory Server

Rainbow Alpha Force ( )
A City of Heroes/Villians guild on Victory server.

Bane ( )
An Everquest II guild, Crushbone server.

Two Spirits ( )
Located on the Wiccana server of Age of Conan.

Other Resources - First Person Shooter Clan

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