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Welcome to The Spreading Taint guild site and thanks for checking us out!

The Spreading Taint is a large Horde guild playing on the Proudmoore server in World of Warcraft. Although we do raid, we are primarily a social guild who welcome gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, hets, queers, geeks, misfits, studs, siblings, friends, lovers, and others to join us for fun, in-game and out. No gnomes please! ;)

We are a proud part of the Rough Trade Gaming Community, which spans many years of great gaming, fun chat and friendship. Having led a number of guilds across games like Dark Age of Camelot and City of Heroes, I'll confess that Tainters are the finest folks I've ever had the sincere pleasure of gaming with, period.

We have thousands of members in the guild, and we warmly welcome the full range of gamers, from "This is my first ever MMORPG" to hardcore, diehard game addicts. We originally started with a single guild called <The Spreading Taint>, and we now have a multitude of guilds which are linked together via the add-on Greenwall. Our guild can easily be recognized on our server because our names always include the word "Taint."

We offer many different levels of raiding from hard-core raiding to casual raid groups. We also frequently hold guild socials, ingame and out, which can give you a great chance to get to know other Tainters at your leisure: Tainters are a friendly and freaky bunch.

We've been profiled in Out Magazine - July 2005 and IN Newsweekly - December 2005, as well as several articles on WoW Insider.

If you are interested in joining us, please click on the Apply to Taint menu link at the top left of the page.

We look forward to adventuring with you soon!

Founding Freak of The Spreading Taint

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